Mittwoch, März 14, 2007

High School Senior Pics

I was not only flattered, but also very excited when Avalon's Mom asked me to shoot his Senior Pictures. It's a big deal for Americans to have their Senior Pictures taken in their last year of High School ... to send them out to friends and family together with their graduation announcements. Also, it was my first destination portrait session :-)

Avalon - almost 18 - will graduate this May from High School in Milan. We scheduled the shoot for 10 a.m., which was way too early ... but the delicious Italian coffee (wait a minute - wasn't it actually Starbucks?, hehe) did a fantastic job ...

To me it felt more like a model shoot - such a handsome young man!

That's were they live - in vacationland! I am so jealous!!!

His girlfriend? You would think. Nope. It's his mother!!!

Rhonda, Bacio and Avalon on the Italian Abbey Road ;-)

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