Montag, Juni 19, 2006

The Couch Session

This weekend I had the pleasure to shoot some really cool pictures of my friend Rhonda. She's just every photographer's dream! She's not only very beautiful and photogenic ... no, she poses so easily ... as if she was just made for this.

We were looking for good spots to shoot and found this terrific, kinda golden retro couch with the most amazing light in an old storehouse which is now a café.

She just looks gorgeous!

She immediately picked up on my "style" ... we saw the ladder ... I didn't have to tell her anything ... she just posed ...

Same with this beautiful artistic banner ...

Rhonda saw this funky old bath tub ...

I love shooting details! French Pedicure (and a Martini, but the olive was missing :-) You can tell a woman by her pedicure ... at least you can tell her nationality ... American, right!

This is one of my favorites. Don't know why. Maybe because she just looks so lovely ... I would buy a vacuum cleaner from her :-)

And here's the ***SLIDESHOW*** .... Don't miss it! :-)