Sonntag, Februar 01, 2009

New Blog

I am so excited - my NEW blog has been launched this week. Although I really really LOVE my "old" blog - blogger has really been a good fellow the last three years, and this blog is also a wonderful documentary of how my photography has evolved - but I really messed up a lot on the CSS and somehow have managed to put the comment-function out of order ... so I thought it's about time to get something FRESH and CLEAN :-) (which I will not mess up again, promised!).

So THANK YOU SO SO MUCH for visiting this old blog - but now PLEASE BOOKMARK the new blog:

See you there! And Happy Groundhog Day! :-)

Mittwoch, Januar 28, 2009

Mademoiselle Tamara

Preventing an insane overload of pics ... here's the sneak peek of the sneak peek, hehe.

Just look at her: BEAUTIFUL Tamara ... ... 13 years old and georgeous! What a mademoiselle! While she was flipping through the magazine, she showed me all the neat clothes and said "I need to have this and that and this and that" being quite serious about it, haha.

Simply beautiful

She LOVED to pose ... and she did great!

I also LOVE her goofyness. She can be quite serious at times ... but the very next second she bursts out laughing, then she throws her arms around you and hugs you to pieces. She's very passionate and she's always honest and authentic. 

There will be MORE pictures of her up soon - so please stay tuned ...

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Donnerstag, Januar 22, 2009


It's not the sun ... it's a big big lion who is about to burst any second .... love guy toys! Always fun! :-)


Freitag, Januar 16, 2009


The most wonderful thing about my job is that I always get to meet really awesome people .... like Mel .... very beautiful inside and out .... just a few days before she gave birth .....

We had lots of snow in Stuttgart ... almost all gone today ...


Donnerstag, Januar 15, 2009

Buchlesung in BIELEFELD

Bielefeld und Umgebung aufgepasst: wir haben nun endlich einen Termin für unsere geplante Buchlesung "im Norden" gefunden. Und ich freue mich RIESIG über JEDEN, der kommt!!!!!! Lasst uns danach zusammen ein Gläschen Sekt trinken! ;-)

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Just saying hi

To avoid that my blog is completely falling asleep due to some major catching up of last year and taking it easy this time of the year .... here a couple of shots of my little mood buster :-)


Samstag, Januar 10, 2009


Meet beautiful five-year old Kayra ... who couldn't be any prouder, because two months ago, she became the big sister of the cutest baby boy!

Meet Kayra's super cute baby brother Orhan Can ... ... in whom I immediately fell in love with today. Hopefully Orhan Can can leave the hospital soon - this brave little hero had on top of his heart surgery a rotavirus infection ...

Kayra and her beautiful mother Sehriban

I feel so fortunate having met this beautiful family

When I left this morning to go to the hospital, I made two big mistakes telling my "very-excited-because-becoming-a-nurse-when-I-grow-up" daughter Juliana that I a) go to the hospital and b) meet a cute little baby boy .... Can you imagine how upset she was? Yep, she can still throw a tantrum at age seven ;-)


Donnerstag, Januar 08, 2009

JAKO-O in Stuttgart

Das lässt alle Stuttgarter Kinderherzen höher schlagen: seit 6. Dezember 2008 gibt es in Stuttgart (die bislang schönste und größte!) JAKO-O-Filiale - auf 3 Etagen!

Und das lässt natürlich mein Herz höher schlagen: dort gibt es auch meine Bücher zu kaufen :-)

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Dienstag, Januar 06, 2009

Congratulations, Nicole!

It's always the greatest pleasure hanging out with one of the super-cutest girls around: Jolina .. ... who was HAPPY as always this afternoon ... flirting and greeting and putting her magic cute spell on every single Starbucks savorer :) ... and, of course, drawing the lucky winner of my mini photo session: CONGRATULATIONS NICOLE!!! Hmmm, Nicole also happens to be the Mommy of cute little Jonas who accidentally!!! happens to be the boyfriend of Jolina ... I know what you're thinking now ... but NOPE, no cheatings going on ... we have almost 40 (yep, it was damn cold outside) witnesses for the drawing, HEHE.

And here's some really really good news for all of you who followed the posts about Jolina and her five chemos in the last months: it's all over since the beginning of November and her wonderful family couldn't be happier!

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Samstag, Januar 03, 2009

Ines, Saskia and Zeljka

Last fall (yep, this is how fast I am in the updating department, hehe) when it was still nice and warm outside, I had the pleasure of photographing these gorgeous three girls ... who absolutely rocked the session!

Saskia ...

Zeljka ... and ...

Ines ....

In case you wanna see more of these three fabulous ladies .... please visit my new SENIOR PHOTOGRAPHY SITE and find their slideshow in the galleries ....